Hayley D. Lefèvre

I am a recently married American writer navigating life – and French! – in Belgium. Seven years after meeting my husband during an internship in “the happiest place on earth” (Disney World), we tied the knot and I joined him here in his hometown.


Since arriving in Europe, I’ve put my university degree in Writing to good use starting my own freelance writing company. I draft copy for websites, written text for print and online ads, newsletters, and short film scripts while dabbling in document design and website creation. My clients have included diversity consultants, tech companies, film studios, restaurants and artists.


Living in the French-speaking region of Belgium has given me the chance to learn French and assist others with English. I’ve helped children and adults alike develop their English skills on an individual basis. I also host conversation tables which provide a casual and encouraging group learning environment.


As I continue to grow as a writer and English coach, my goal is to empower others to become more confident communicators.

Hayley D. Lefèvre

Freelance Writer + Native English Speaker